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About Us

Our journey began humbly, starting right from our home front porch at the beginning of 2021. It all started when a friend of mine asked me to make him vegan empanadas. Of course, I gladly obliged. When he returned to pick up the product, he exclaimed, "Man! If your vegan food is this good, I can only imagine how good those tacos everyone is looking for are from you!" Intrigued, I asked him to describe the tacos he was referring to, and it became clear that he was talking about the tacos I had been making with my family for years. Eager to satisfy his curiosity, I made his request the next day and he shared them with his friend. The next morning, my street was flooded with at least 45 vehicles, all looking for the "Taco Lady"! My sons and I were astounded by the sudden demand. We proudly introduced ourselves and asked how we could help. Taking everyone's order, we got to work in the kitchen.


The demand was high, but fortunately, we had supportive friends in our corner. One even rolled their Blackstone flattop grill down
the street to my driveway to ensure we could handle the overwhelming demand.


By February of the same year, we officially established ourselves as a company, and in November, we celebrated our very first sale. Despite facing numerous challenges, from working in our own home kitchen to experiencing homelessness for 10 months and relying on commissary kitchens and hotel accommodations, we persevered. Throughout our first year, we were able to generate impressive revenue.


Building upon this tremendous momentum, we soared to even greater heights in our second year. Now, equipped with crucial resources and a highly skilled team, we possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to propel ourselves towards becoming a future franchise powerhouse. We are confident in our ability to scale our growth within the next two years.





Our Clients

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